Mules For Sale

PairADice's Princess

Princess is consigned to the Jake Clark Mule Day Sale in Ralston, WY on June 17, 2018.  Princess is a really classy, 14.3 hand mare mule that has excellent conformation.  Princess is 8 years old, 14.3 hands and weighs around 1100 pounds. She has a big smooth hip, broad front end, clean neck and beautiful head.  She is out of a good quarter mare and sired by the great jack, Horseshoe Hills Colonel.  I love all of the mules out of the Colonel and she is no exception.  She has been used extensively for trail riding, coon hunting, hog hunting, penning cattle in the stockyard and ranch work.  She has a really nice handle, rides one-handed, super soft in the bridle, walks/trots/lopes circles, take both leads, sidepasses and has a really nice turn around.  Princess loves attention and will be one of the first to be caught.  She is easy to shoe and clip.  She stands good to be mounted. She will suit any level of rider and is 100% safe and sound.  Check out her videos on facebook.  She is a really outstanding mule and will make you an excellent lifetime trail riding partner.  PairADice's Princess is hip # 46 in the sale catalog. 

PairADice's Big Jake

Big Jake is consigned to the Jake Clark Mule Day Sale on June 17, 2018.  Big Jake is a 10 year old, 15.2 hand john mule that looks like a horse.  He weighs 1250 pounds.  He has excellent conformation from head to tail.  There is nothing you would change on this big mule. He has been trail ridden all over the United States and anyone can ride him.  He has been used in the stockyards and he is really good around cattle.  We have used him hog hunting, packed dead hogs on him and drug out dead hogs with him.  He is the kind of mule you can use all week on the job and let the dudes ride him on the weekend.  He has a really nice handle, neck reins, walks/trots/lopes circles and takes both leads.  He is really handy!  Jake stands good to be mounted, is easy to catch, clip and shoe.  He likes attention.  He will be a great mountain mule to lead a pack string with.  I have snubbed colts with him to start and he makes a great anchor. Nothing rattles this mule - he will go anywhere you point him. He will make a great addition to anyone's family.  PairADice's Big Jake is hip # 79 in the sale catalog!

PairADice's Josie.

Josie is consigned to the Jake Clark Mule Day Sale on June 17, 2018.  Josie is a super fancy looking 14 hand mare mule that anyone can ride.  She is a 7 year old, 14 hand, 850 pound mare mule.  She is black with white stocking legs that anyone can ride.  She has tons of miles trail riding by every age rider.  I have used her in the stockyards all winter because she is the right height for mounting with extra layers for the cold weather.  She keeps up with the big mules all day hog hunting and doesn't wear down.  She has a nice smooth fast walk, nice easy trot and good lope.  She rides one-handed, takes both her leads and lopes nice circles.  She is easy to catch, clip and shoe.  She loves obstacle riding - bridges, pools, tarps and is very brave around new challenges.  She loves to have her tail braided by our granddaughters.  They have spent hours bathing, brushing, braiding and making her pretty.  They love this mule.  She will be a good addition to any family and is 100% safe and sound.  If you are looking for a companion on or off the trail - Josie is the pick of the sale!  She is #12 in the sale catalog. 



​Smalls is a 7 year old, 16 hand light sorrel horse mule.  He is a big stout quarter type mule.  He holds the saddle the best and is really broke.  He neck reins, side passes, is really soft in the face, takes both leads and lopes great circles.  Smalls has been trail ridden, used in the stockyards to pen back cattle and team roped on.  He is good heading or healing, and is super cowy.  He is gentle to be around, easy to catch, clip and shoe.  He parks out to be mounted. He is a great all around mule that can go any direction.  You can use him on the ranch, team rope off of him, make him a show mule or take off down the trail for a great trailing riding partner. $13,000

  • Training:  Training is provided at a minimum of 90 days.  The current rate is $23.33 per day or $700.00 for 30 days of riding.  We charge only for the days that your mule is being trained.  It will take approximately 5-6 weeks to get 30 days of riding.  You are responsible for all vet and shoeing bills while your mule is in training.  We are not responsible for death or injury to your mule.
  • Sales.  We have several mules available for sale at all times.  If you do not see what you are looking for please give us a call.  We may have what you are looking for.

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