• Training:  Training is provided at a minimum of 90 days.  The current rate is $26.36 per day or $800.00 for 30 days of riding.  We charge only for the days that your mule is being trained.  It will take approximately 5-6 weeks to get 30 days of riding.  You are responsible for all vet and shoeing bills while your mule is in training.  We are not responsible for death or injury to your mule.
  • Sales.  We have several mules available for sale at all times.  If you do not see what you are looking for please give us a call.  We may have what you are looking for.

  • Group Clinics.  Contact us about setting up a group clinic at your facility.

  • Personal Clinics.  Loren can provide a one-on-one clinic at our facility.  Contact us about pricing.


Mules For Sale


Pairadice's Evelyn

Hip # 21 at Jake Clark Mule Days

Pairadice's Evelyn is very gentle and loves attention.  She has had thousands of miles of trail riding and hog hunting.  She is an outstanding trail mule that crosses logs, ditches and rivers.  She will go absolutely anywhere you point her.  I have ponied colts and lead pack strings on her.  She has a really nice ground-covering walk - that is really smooth to ride.  She rides just as well in the arenas as she does on the trail.  She walks, trots and lopes, does great circles, neck reins, side-passes, and can really stop.  I have penned lots of cattle on her and she is really good at her job.  She is a finished ranch mule.  If you are gathering big pastures or dragging calves to brand, she will get the job done!  She is easy to catch, clip and shoe.  She stands great to be mounted.  She loads great into any type of trailer.  I will have a vet do a pre-purchase exam 30 days prior to the sale.  We all have our top three things that we look for in a new mule:  eye-catching (check), safe (check) and well-trained (check).  Evelyn fits all three of your top priorities!  Grandkids to grandparents can ride Evelyn.  If you are looking for a trail riding partner to add to your family - Evelyn will fit all your needs.  

Watch for videos and pictures of Evelyn on our social media pages (Facebook and instagram).  


Pairadice's Millie was born in Canada and is out of a mare with a curly coat and sired by Silver Nugget.  Not only is Millie a CURLY mule, she is a buckskin with no dun stripes.  She's lived at our farm for several years and is the first to the gate every morning.  Millie is the perfect combination of gentle and affectionate.  When you saddle her up to go for a ride, she is all business.  She has a fast walk that can make the rest of my mules hustle to keep up.  She will go anywhere you point her - if you are not sure you want to go somewhere - don't head her that way. 

I have packed her and lead a pack string on her. She is an all day mules that does not wear down.  I have gathered and penned thousands of head of cattle on her and used her for all aspects of ranch work.

She is my go to mule for hog hunting.  You can lead dogs on her and pack dead hogs out.  She has had lots of arena time - she takes her leads great, neck reins, side passes and has a good stop and turn around.  She is easy to catch, clip and shoe.  She stands good to mount.  She loads in any type of trailer.  


Watch for more videos and pictures on our Facebook and Instagram.  Give me a call if you have any questions.